3 Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Space

3 Tips For Small Spaces

Prospect Leasing & Management has been in the Lancaster, PA apartment rental market for over twelve years and one issue we often see tenants grapple with is figuring out how to maximize their apartment space. Here are three great tips to keep in mind when you want to make the most of the available space in your apartment to keep your home feeling spacious, organized and functional!


3 Great Reasons To Use A Property Manager

Prospect Leasing Apartments in Lancaster, PA

The Lancaster, PA apartment rental industry has been on a solid upswing over the last few years—there’s never been a better time to invest! Property investment is a great way to add additional revenue streams to your monthly income and is often used to facilitate early retirement or fund active retirements. When handled correctly, your rental property investment should grow in value as time goes by.

Why You Should Be Paying Rent Online in 2019

Paying your rent online in 2019

Are you still using checks to pay for rent, utilities and other purchases? If so, you may be falling behind the times when it comes to managing your monthly expenses in the most efficient way possible! It’s estimated that 61% of millennials and 42% of older generations are now using online payment services to pay their monthly bills instead of sending checks through the mail.

5 Reasons You Should Buy Renter's Insurance

Prospect Leasing - Renter's Insurance

Do you live in an apartment in Lancaster and feel unsure about investing in Renter’s Insurance? Well, you’re not alone: only 46% of renters nationwide buy insurance to protect themselves and their property.

Many renters feel they don’t need insurance because they assume their landlord’s insurance has them covered, they underestimate the value of their possessions, or they may feel renter’s insurance is simply too expensive.

Six Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here, and while the weather gets nicer outside why not also take this time to make your living space shiny and bright?

Cleaning your apartment will keep you more organized and productive and improve your physical and mental well-being -- plus cleaning NOW prevents having to do an exhausting, time-consuming deep clean of your apartment when your lease ends.


Commercial Leasing

Prospect Leasing Commercial Property


“Should I buy or lease?” is a question all small business owners grapple with on the road to making their dream a reality. The truth is, there’s no “one approach fits all” answer that will work in all situations for all businesses, but here are four benefits of leasing to consider when making your decision!