We've Moved Our Office

Office moving directional flyer

We've outgrown the office space that we have called home since our opening in 2007 (actually we doubled the original size a few years back).  We were fortunate enough to have a larger space open up here at Silver Spring Center, so our new space is just a few hundred feet away in Suite DD.  We have a roomier reception area for when our residents stop in to make payments, a more convenient conference room for all those in-person lease signing ap

Phone Outage Restored

Phone Outage Restored

As of late Friday evening, all phone systems were restored and working properly, we apologize for any inconvenience


We are currently experiencing a phone outage and we apologize for the inconvenience.  We are working with the company that provides our services to have it resolved as soon as possible.  Please try back again later or send us an email at:

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prevent Frozen Pipes

With frigid temperatures in the forecast, here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes: • Never allow the temperature inside to go below 55°. It is often best to keep the thermostat set at your preferred temperature even when you are away to reduce the risk of coming home to frozen pipes. It may also help reduce the strain on the heating system during the extreme cold.

Support Your Local Fire Department

Prospect Leasing Supports Local Fire Companies in Lancaster PA

Lancaster, PA is home to close to a hundred local fire companies staffed by brave men and women who are often the first responders to the scene of accidents, building and home fires, and other emergencies! In addition, local fire departments provide emergency medical services, hazardous materials response and provide special rescue response.

How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Prospect Leasing Security Deposit


One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our tenants is “How can I ensure I’ll receive my security deposit back after I move out?” It’s a good question! Security deposits usually amount to one month’s rent which is money you could use as a deposit on your next apartment or to pay other bills.

5 Fun Fall Activities in Lancaster!

Fun Fall Activities in Lancaster


The days are growing shorter, leaves are beginning to turn brown and red, the air has grown cool and crisp, and kids are back in school…Fall has returned to Lancaster County! Many of us hate to say goodbye to the long, warm, sunny days of summer, but thankfully there are plenty of fun things do in Lancaster that coincide with the arrival of Autumn.