Prevent Frozen Pipes

With frigid temperatures in the forecast, here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes:

• Never allow the temperature inside to go below 55°. It is often best to keep the thermostat set at your preferred temperature even when you are away to reduce the risk of coming home to frozen pipes. It may also help reduce the strain on the heating system during the extreme cold.
• Open the cabinet doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks that are near exterior walls. These areas have a greater potential of pipes freezing and by keeping the doors open a bit, warm air from the room will be able to get under the sink where it may be much colder.
• Keep doors open to the washer/dryer area if it is in a separate room or closet, these areas typically are not heated and can get very cold.
• If your unit is equipped with an outside faucet – remove any hoses or other attachments and make sure it is turned completely off and all excess water drains out of the spout.
• Be on the lookout for any common area doors or windows that may be left open.

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